The Jazzy Story

Hello, I’m Jasmine Halton owner and co founder of blissfully secure i was born on a sunny day in June 12 1990 one of two siblings born to a Pamela Brewer- Halton

I was a very helpful child outgoing and smart i enjoyed doing arts and craft even baking anything i could do to help out and put a smile on peoples face especially my momma i watched her work hard and long hours at the airport and some time other jobs like cashier clerk at Walmart and a driver for the local post office it was that work ethic that was modeled for us and passed down to her now hard working girls

From the ages of 6 – 10 i was in and out of the hospital the doctors finally concluding that i was allergic to everything under the sun so when doctors suggested a series of shots i would get in my legs or arms once a week that would improve my  allergic reactions to the elements outside and in it was an on brainer my mother was sold.

Along with visiting the doctors every week to get my shoots i was in karate ( orange belt) Drill teams and was very active in church i was even CPR certified so that i could baby set and watch children in my care with all the proper tools

The Game Changer

Finding a Better way to live

Heading into middle school i suffered from depression  so once again i was put on some medication anti-depression so 6th and the beginning of 7th grade was a blurr all i could remember was wanting to sleep and eat i struggle to adapt to my environment around me due to the zombie like effect i was feeling form the medication  these were things that i’m sure caused my mother great concern. After planning my mother eventually took me off of the medicationall together and along with in days i was a better me getting into modeling, sports ,dance and step team you name i was in it

Stepping into high school i was 40 % worried about school and 60 % worried about my social life which lead me to going to juvenile jail a couple few times believe it or not my bad behavior and choose had me graduating high school from jail only to go back for a  couple of days longer afterwards and by God grace i didn’t have to face adult time not looking to become an adult criminal i straighten my act.

live learn and apply .

One day while walking to the bus stop at a local  park- in- ride this man asked for my big mac meal shocked by his approach it was refreshing to experience a charming man from the south it also helped that he was very good looking he did not get my Big Mac somehow we couldn’t get enough of each other we have now been married for 11 years

I worked a lot of hospitality jobs but the one i’m most proud of is my massage therapy career. As an massage therapist i learned how to manipulate muscle tissue with different techniques that can release stress improve mobility and sometimes restore functions back to normal that couple with oils and aromas that also help gets the body back in to homeostasis i loved this job and have plans to return i helped me get a tasted of being my own boss making my own hours

I always knew that i was suppose to have my own business so a couple of years before i became a homemaker i started to look in to work from home jobs and other ways to make money from home never really finding anything that wasn’t a scam i put that dream of mine to the side my husband and i of 6 years at the time welcomed a baby boy in October of 2014  and shortly after a bay girl in January 2017 as a mother i knew two things i didn’t want to work long hard hours for someone else and barely see my kids and two that i wanted to leave my children something of value when they get older

The first couple of years i was on YouTube for hours bending on anything that had to do with MLM, CPA, and become an affiliated already on a limited income already i spent lots of time and money companies and programs  that only to be left me in the end with more question than answers. the third year comes around things are getting better it was easier to spot scammers and wanna – be and i was starting to create a brand for my business improving my techniques and rebuilding the foundation need to market properly all due to this program i joined tailored to educated folks  about this internet marketing career field clearing up a lot of regurgitated misleading information we have been giving keeping us stuck in a maze of confusion

Blissfully Secure Believes   

Jump Start Your Health, Wellness and  financial Journey

Towards Bliss

I understand that there’s always away to heal our body naturally with the substances provided to us by the earth and that having financial freedom allows you to enjoy life better

In a market saturated in fails truths scammers and cookie cutter done for you programs  here i believe bring you honest motivation, tips, how to’s and fun facts to help you get closer to taken steps  towards an Blissfully Secure Health and Wealth.